About Me 

Hi! I’m Morrie!


I am a career focused Human Design analyst. I am here to help you align with your Human Design and harness the energy in your career.


I’m a 1/4 Projector with Splenic authority :)

A little about my background...


I first learned about Human Design about 3 years ago from a podcast. I was skeptical at first but I was quickly sold on the system when I applied the concepts to my career/job search. Not long after, I was introducing anyone who would listen to the system and coaching my friends/family through using Human Design in their careers.

In August of 2020, I was laid off from my job, due to COVID. It was my 4th layoff in 6 years so I took it as a sign to finally pursue what I had been daydreaming of... entrepreneurship. While I loved working in recruiting, I knew that my impact would be greater if I was sharing my passion for Human Design and helping others use the valuable information in their careers. 

I truly believe that we can all land/create our dream jobs and thrive at work when we align with our Human Design. If you're feeling burnt out, stuck, or lost with your career, I encourage you to book a reading or session with me. Understanding and experimenting with your unique energy is the first step in the journey to making your dreams a reality.


  What is Human Design?  

The Human Design system was founded in 1987 by a man named Ra Uru Hu. The formula came to him while he was on an eight-day meditation in Ibiza. The system synthesizes knowledge from Astrology, I'Ching, Chakras, Tree of Life, Quantum Mechanics/Physics, and Anatomy. To me, it is the perfect marriage of ancient spiritual modalities and modern science.


The foundation of HD is the idea that there are subatomic particles (called neutrinos) that had an imprint on us the moment we were born (you will need your exact birth time to look up your chart). These particles also always surround us and affect how we interact with others and the world. Everyone can agree that the energy you put out affects the world around you, right? Human Design gives us a language and personal instruction manual for harnessing this energy.


The system is meant to be an experiment so when you find out information about your unique design, try out the recommendations but don't let it box you in. I always suggest to start small with a few pieces, see how it feels, and go from there. If I ever say anything that doesn't resonate, just leave it! My goal with teaching HD is to give you permission to live how you are naturally inclined. I don't want to ever put you in a box or give you more rules to live by. Human Design has been the most valuable tool on my own self-discovery journey and I can't wait to join you on yours!